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16th June 2019

Braemar Castle

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9th June 2019

The Quadrangle of King’s College, Old Aberdeen

Blairs Museum and Chapel

Chapel of St Mary, Blairs

Housed in part of the former Roman Catholic national junior seminary 7 miles southwest of Aberdeen, Blairs Museum offers a unique insight into Scotland’s Catholic history and heritage with spectacular collections spanning more than 500 years.

“For 157 years, Blairs College was home to a magnificent collection of paintings, church textiles, sacred silver and Jacobite memorabilia belonging to the Scottish Roman Catholic Church.

From its establishment Blairs College was recognised as a safe place to receive and preserve artefacts relating to Scotland’s Catholic heritage. Over the years Blairs accumulated an internationally renowned collection of fine and decorative art from a number of benefactors, including bishops, priests and friends of Blairs as well as inheriting important collections from the former Scots Colleges throughout Europe. When the College closed in 1986, an independent trust was created, overseen by the Scottish Catholic Heritage Commission, to preserve, interpret and display this important collection of religious heritage.

Today, Blairs Museum gives visitors a unique insight into Scotland’s Catholic heritage, providing an enjoyable, memorable, and inspiring experience for all.”


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15th May 2019

Sunrise over Dunnottar Castle

Kirk of St Nicholas

St Nicholas’ Kirk

The Kirk of St Nicholas is a historic church located in the city centre of Aberdeen, Scotland. It is now officially known as the “Kirk of St Nicholas Uniting” as it has membership of both of the Church of Scotland and the United Reformed Church. It is also known as “The Mither Kirk” (mother church) of the city.

“The Kirk of Saint Nicholas has been at the heart of Aberdeen, providing spiritual worship and refuge, since its ancient establishment in the 12th century. It is both a holy building and one that chronicles the history of the city and her inhabitants.

The present West Kirk dates from 1755, with various refurbishments and additions since then. In 1989 the north transept was adapted to house St John’s Chapel, dedicated to the North Sea Oil industry, featuring magnificent contemporary woodwork by Tim Stead and Shona McInnes’ stained glass window.

The Kirk of Saint Nicholas Uniting, as it is known today, was founded in September 2002 as a Local Ecumenical Partnership of the Kirk of St Nicholas (Church of Scotland) and St Nicholas United Reformed Church.”