Doric Quiz Solutions

Doric Quiz Solutions

Doric Word English
Doric Word English
Bosie Cuddle Greet Cry
Breeks Trousers Loon Boy
Bubblyjock Turkey Loup Jump
Clarty Dirty Lug Ear
Cloot Cloth Neep Turnip
Cowk Retch Oxter Armpit
Cuddy Horse Puggled Tired
Dicht Wipe Puddock Frog
Dookers Swimming costume Quine Girl
Dowp Bum Sark Shirt
Dreich Dull Scrath Cormorant
Dyke Wall Sotter Mess
Fash Trouble Skelp Slap
Fleg Fright Swik Cheat
Foggy Bummer Bumble-bee Tattie Potato
Fooshty Rotten Tourie Hat
Ganzie Jumper Tricket Delighted
Gollach Beetle Wheesht Quiet

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