Call for Participation

Participate in ITiCSE 2019!

We cordially invite colleagues from around the world to present their work through the submission of papers, working groups, panels, posters, tips, techniques, & courseware. The conference provides an environment for sharing, exchanging, and discussing new ideas related to computing education, at all levels of instruction. In addition, in 2019, ITiCSE will also host a Doctoral Consortium alongside the Working Groups.

For all submissions please use the ACM templates. Page limits apply as described at the top of each section.

Submission Deadlines

  • Paper submission required abstract: 20 Jan 2019; full paper: 27 Jan 2019
  • Working Group submission required abstract: 27 Jan 2019
  • Panel submission required abstract: 17 March 2019
  • Poster Full submission: 17 March 2019
  • Doctoral Consortium Full submission: 17 March 2019
  • Tips, Techniques, and Courseware Full submission 17 March 2019
Pages Abstract Deadline Full Deadline
Abstract for Papers 250 words 20 January N/A
Papers 6 pages plus references 20 January 27 January
Working Group 2 pages N/A 27 January
Panels 2 pages N/A 17 March
Posters 1 page N/A 17 March
Doctoral Consortium 2 pages N/A 17 March
Tips, Techniques and Courseware 2 pages N/A 17 March

All submission deadlines are 23:59 AOE – Anywhere on Earth (UTC-12)

Call for Papers

(250 word abstract; 6 pp. max plus references; 25 min. presentation)
Papers presented at ITiCSE will normally address aspects of computing education, that is, the education of students who are studying computing. They may describe an educational research project, classroom experience, teaching technique, curricular initiative, or pedagogical tool. Papers should explicitly state their motivating questions, relate to relevant literature, and contain an analysis of the effectiveness of the interventions.

Within the domain of computing education, papers might cover specific educational subject matter, including but not limited to:

    • pedagogies for enhancing learning in CS subject areas, such as programming, database systems, physical computing or computer security,

    • leveraging data and analytics to improve learning,

    • innovative use of technologies,

    • approaches to peer learning and novel educational methods,

    • social and global challenges in computing education,

    • broadening participation and diversity involving engagement with specific groups of students, such as women, minorities, or school students,

    • developing, implementing, or evaluating computing programmes, curricula, and courses,

  • scalable approaches to group work, or class infrastructure.

Types of acceptable papers might include:

    • Experience reports describing a classroom innovation and an assessment of its impact,

    • Software reports describing tools developed for learning or assessment in computing,

    • Research reports describing projects undertaken to investigate aspects of computing education,

    • Papers describing beliefs or proposals for future work, although ITiCSE prefers to accept reports once the beliefs have been validated or the proposals implemented,

  • Position papers articulating original and well-argued positions on innovative aspects of computing education.

Note that an abstract submission is required for all papers. The abstract is due a week before the full paper deadline.

Authors of papers must submit an anonymous version with all references to the authors removed (including authors names and affiliations plus identifying information within the body of the paper such as websites or related publications). After a paper is accepted, authors will be asked to submit a camera-ready version which includes all the author details and identifying information.

The submission deadline for abstracts for papers is January 20th 2019, and the submission deadline for full papers is January 27th 2019.

See the submission guideline details below.

Call for Panels

2pp submission

A submission for a panel will normally be a succinct summary of the different perspectives of the proposed participants, in a form suitable for inclusion in the proceedings. The submission must include the authors’ names.

Call for Posters

A submission for a poster will be a one-page paper. It is expected that this will include title, authorship, abstract and keywords, with the rest of the page consisting of an extended abstract. The format for this will vary from poster to poster, but it is expected to describe the main topic of the poster. The submission must include the authors’ names.

See further submission guideline details below.

Working Group Proposals

A two-page submission for a working group is required to be in the same template as paper submissions, which will appear in the conference proceedings. The essential components of a working group submission are the title, the names and affiliations of up to three leaders, and an abstract of up to 250 words on group’s goal and its approach to achieving that goal. If a working group is provisionally accepted, these details will be displayed on this website to recruit interested members to the group. The submission is required to included authors’ names. The remainder of the two-pages can be used to indicate the background of the WG proposers/leaders, for example past experience in the Working Group topic area (projects, references, etc.).

The submission deadline for Working Group proposals is January 27th 2019.

See further submission guideline details below.

Call for Doctoral Consortium Participation

An application for Doctoral Consortium participation consists of a 2-page research description covering central aspects of your PhD work, which follows the structure, details and format specified in the ITiCSE Doctoral Consortium submission template. Only one (1) author should be present on this description – the PhD student applying for participation in the DC. Please note that if accepted, this work would be published in the conference proceedings. Additional information regarding Doctoral Consortium submissions is found on the Doctoral Consortium page.

Please note that we use the word ‘student’ here to imply anyone who’s registered on a PhD programme of study. We do appreciate that in some countries PhD students are ‘staff’ at their institution.

The submission deadline for Doctoral Consortium proposals is March 17th 2019.

See further submission guideline details below.

Call for Tips, Techniques, and Courseware

A two-page submission for tips, techniques, and courseware will be a summary description of the tip, technique, or courseware to be demonstrated in the conference session. It will be in a form suitable for inclusion in the proceedings. The submission must include authors’ names.

See further submission guideline details below.

General Submission Guidelines

Be sure that all of your submissions abide by the ACM Conflict of Interest Policy.

Documents proposed for conference presentation should be high quality, unpublished, original work and submitted online. The official language of the conference is English. The entire proceedings will be available in the ACM Digital Library.

Pages and deadlines for submissions are limited by the category of submission. Note that reviewers will assume they are reviewing completed works, as they will eventually appear in the conference proceedings. Do not submit incomplete drafts.

All page limits are inclusive of all content, including reference lists and appendixes.

Electronic submission is required. All submissions should be in Portable Document Format (PDF).

To submit your work, visit the EasyChair submission pages. After you create an account, if you don’t have one, you will find a submission form that requires you to enter the type, title, and abstract of your submission, plus author contact information.

All submissions must adhere to the ITiCSE 2019 formatting instructions. Templates for submissions can be found at the ACM SIG Proceedings website.