Doric Quiz Solutions

Doric Quiz Solutions

Doric Word English
Doric Word English
Bosie Cuddle Greet Cry
Breeks Trousers Loon Boy
Bubblyjock Turkey Loup Jump
Clarty Dirty Lug Ear
Cloot Cloth Neep Turnip
Cowk Retch Oxter Armpit
Cuddy Horse Puggled Tired
Dicht Wipe Puddock Frog
Dookers Swimming costume Quine Girl
Dowp Bum Sark Shirt
Dreich Dull Scrath Cormorant
Dyke Wall Sotter Mess
Fash Trouble Skelp Slap
Fleg Fright Swik Cheat
Foggy Bummer Bumble-bee Tattie Potato
Fooshty Rotten Tourie Hat
Ganzie Jumper Tricket Delighted
Gollach Beetle Wheesht Quiet

Doric Quiz

Doric Word English
Doric Word English
Bosie   Greet  
Breeks   Loon  
Bubblyjock   Loup  
Clarty   Lug  
Cloot   Neep  
Cowk   Oxter  
Cuddy   Puggled  
Dicht   Puddock  
Dookers   Quine  
Dowp   Sark  
Dreich   Scrath  
Dyke   Sotter  
Fash   Skelp  
Fleg   Swik  
Foggy Bummer   Tattie  
Fooshty   Tourie  
Ganzie   Tricket  
Gollach   Wheesht  

Cairngorms National Park

Cairngorms National Park

“The Cairngorms National Park covers an area of 1,748 sq miles in the council areas of Aberdeenshire, Moray, Highland, Angus and Perth and Kinross. The mountain range of the Cairngorms lies at the heart of the national park, but forms only one part of it, alongside other hill ranges such as the Angus Glens and the Monadhliath, and lower areas like Strathspey and upper Deeside. Three major rivers rise in the park: the Spey the Dee and the Don. The Spey, which is the second longest river in Scotland, rises in the Monadhliath, whilst the Dee and the Don both rise in the Cairngorms themselves.

The Cairngorms themselves are a spectacular landscape, similar in appearance to the Hardangervidda National Park of Norway in having a large area of upland plateau.[citation needed] The range consists of three main plateaux at about 1000–1200 m above sea level, above which domed summits (the eroded stumps of once much higher mountains) rise to around 1300 m. Many of the summits have tors, free-standing rock outcrops that stand on top of the boulder-strewn landscape. The edges of the plateaux are in places steep cliffs of granite and they are excellent for skiing, rock climbing and ice climbing. The Cairngorms form an arctic-alpine mountain environment, with tundra-like characteristics and long-lasting snow patches.

The Monadhliath Mountains lie to the north of Strathspey, and comprise a bleak, wide plateau rising to between 700 and 950 m.

Two major transport routes run through the park, with both the A9 road and the Highland Main Line crossing over the Pass of Drumochter and running along Strathspey, providing links between the western and northern parts of the park and the cities of Perth and Inverness. The Highland Main Line is the only mainline rail route through the park, however there are several other major roads, including the A86, which links Strathspey to Fort William, and the A93, which links the Deeside area of the park to both Perth and Aberdeen.”

Wikipedia Page
Loch Morlich, Strathspey
The Cairngorms National Park – a special place
Cairngorms National Park Authority

Activities in the Cairngorm National Park

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Repost: The Beach Ballroom

The Beach Ballroom

The Aberdeen Beach Ballroom is an art deco building which overlooks the Aberdeen sea front. The venue was opened in 1929 and it is home to one of Scotland’s finest dance floors – famous for its bounce – which floats on fixed steel springs.

The Beach Ballroom is about a twenty minute walk from the city centre along the main beach road, the Beach Boulevard.

The Beach Ballroom is the venue for the ITiCSE 2019 Pre-Conference Reception, to be held on the evening of Sunday 14th July.

The Beach Boulevard in relation to the City Centre

It is also the venue for the conference dinner on Tuesday 16th July.

Picture of the Day

View from the Working Group and Doctoral Consortium Building

Aberdeen Pubs and Bars 21: The Noose and Monkey

The Noose and Monkey

“The Noose and Monkey is one of Aberdeen’s most loved pubs, serving food & drink. Situated in the heart of the Rosemount area, right next to His Majesty’s Theatre, it’s a favourite destination for pre-show meals and drinks. The venue has been frequented by many famous stars performing at these shows.

Established in 2000, The Noose and Monkey had previously been known as ‘My Fathers Moustache’ and ‘The Silver Slipper’. She was given it’s unusual name by it’s previous owner and licensee who originated from Hartlepool. The story goes that during during the Napoleonic Wars, fishermen from Hartlepool watched a French Warship founder off their coast. The only survivor was a monkey, dressed in French military uniform, presumably to amuse the officers on the ship. The fishermen assumed that this must be what Frenchmen looked like, and after a brief trial they summarily executed the poor monkey by hanging.”

Noose and Monkey Website

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