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23rd May 2019

Razorbill, Aberdeenshire coast

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8th May 2019

The Falls of Feugh

Cruickshank Botanic Garden

Cruickshank Botanic Garden

“The Cruickshank Botanic Garden is situated in Old Aberdeen on the King’s College campus of the University of Aberdeen and is a partnership between the University and the Cruickshank Charitable Trust

The Garden exists to promote an appreciation of the beauty, diversity and importance of plants, and an understanding of their role in the natural world

This beautiful and peaceful 11 acre Garden offers year round interest to visitors. It has shrub borders, a rock and water garden, sunken garden, rose garden, herbaceous border and an arboretum, and houses a nationally important collection of over 2500 labelled plants.”

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3rd May 2019

Royal Deeside

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1st May 2019

St Cyrus Beach

Balmedie Beach

The Dunes at Balmedie Beach

Balmedie Beach and Country Park is situated 8 miles north of the Aberdeen. The long and wide beach is bordered by an extensive dune system that stretches 14 miles from Aberdeen to just north of the Ythan Estuary at Newburgh.

“Balmedie Beach and Country Park has a long stretch of beautiful sandy beach behind which are sand dunes, great and small, to explore. A total of 1700 metres of boardwalk assist visitor access through the dunes.

The park is within part of a dune system that stretches 14 miles from Aberdeen, to just north of the mouth of the River Ythan at Newburgh.

The beach is sandy and over the years has won a number of awards, including a seaside award in 2006 and 2007.

At the back of the beach is a substantial area of sand dunes, where the principal vegetation is marram grass, but also contains a range of other plants at home in this type of environment.

Two watercourses make their way to the sea within the area covered by the park, creating ribbons of wetland vegetation along their course.

On the landward side of the dunes is an area of stable grassland, where the car parks and picnic benches are situated.”


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18th April 2019

Heilan Coo