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16th May 2019

Mountain biking in Ballater

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12th May 2019

Cruden Bay Golf Course

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10th May 2019

Aberdeen and the North East of Scotland

The Aberdeenshire Coastal Trail

Walking the Aberdeenshire Coastal Trail

“Discover 165 continuous miles of dramatic clifftops, enchanting coves, paradise beaches, charming towns and marvellous wildlife on the Aberdeenshire Coastal Trail.
This four day itinerary features just a few of the great attractions you can visit on Scotland’s beautiful north-east coast. Download the 
Aberdeenshire Coastal Trail leaflet to find all the amazing things there are to see and do along the trail. Why not explore some of Aberdeen’s top-rated hidden gems along the way?

Day 1: St Cyrus and Stonehaven

Day 2: Balmedie, Cruden Bay and Rattray

Day 3: Crimond, Fraserburgh and Macduff

Day 4: Macduff, Banff and Portsoy

For further details, go to the VisitScotland website”


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5th May 2019

Fishing in the River Dee at Crathes

Cruickshank Botanic Garden

Cruickshank Botanic Garden

“The Cruickshank Botanic Garden is situated in Old Aberdeen on the King’s College campus of the University of Aberdeen and is a partnership between the University and the Cruickshank Charitable Trust

The Garden exists to promote an appreciation of the beauty, diversity and importance of plants, and an understanding of their role in the natural world

This beautiful and peaceful 11 acre Garden offers year round interest to visitors. It has shrub borders, a rock and water garden, sunken garden, rose garden, herbaceous border and an arboretum, and houses a nationally important collection of over 2500 labelled plants.”

Cruickshank Botanic Garden website

Tripadvisor Review

The Cruickshank Botanic Garden at Britain Express

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3rd May 2019

Royal Deeside

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1st May 2019

St Cyrus Beach

Bennachie and the Battle of Mons Graupius

Posssible locations for the Battle of Mons Graupius

“He [Agricola] sent his fleet ahead to plunder at various points and thus spread uncertainty and terror, and, with an army marching light, which he had reinforced with the bravest of the Britons and those whose loyalty had been proved during a long peace, reached the Graupian Mountain, which he found occupied by the enemy. The Britons were, in fact, undaunted by the loss of the previous battle, and welcomed the choice between revenge and enslavement. They had realised at last that common action was needed to meet the common danger, and had sent round embassies and drawn up treaties to rally the full force of all their states.”

Tacitus, Agricola (XXIX)

According to Tacitus, the Battle of Mons Graupius was fought between a Roman army under the command of Gnaeus Julius Agricola and the Pictish tribes of the North-East of Scotland. It probably took place in AD 83 or 84 and was said to have resulted in a convincing victory for the Romans.

Although never colonised by the Romans, there were several campaigns in the North-East which resulted in the establishment of temporary marching camps, with, possibly, a sizeable military presence at the site called Devana, which is presumed to lie near to mouth of the River Dee.

The exact site of the Battle of Mons Graupius is unknown but one possibility is near Bennachie, 25 miles north west of Aberdeen.

Bennachie has several tops, including Oxen Craig, at 528 metres, and Mither Tap (518m) which has an Iron Age fort on its summit. Though not particularly high, compared to other peaks within Scotland, the mountain is very prominent, owing to its isolation and the relative flatness of the surrounding terrain, and dominates the skyline.

View from Mither Tap

The Gordon Way, a waymarked hiking trail, runs for 12 miles through the Bennachie Forest. The route is one of series maintained by the Forestry Commission and Aberdeenshire Council.