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Getting Around

To and from Dublin Airport:

There are many ways get to UCD from Dublin Airport

  • Bus: Aircoach ( provides fast coach service to and from Dublin Airport and stops at all ITiCSE hotels as well as UCD. Route 703 stops at the Clayton Hotel Ballsbridge with service every two hours ( The Clayton is also a 10 minute walk from Route 700 which stops at UCD (ITiCSE), The Radisson St. Helens, and the Talbot Hotel with service every 15 minutes at peak times ( Tickets can be bought roadside at the airport bus stop. Follow the Ground Transportation / Coaches / Busses signs and look for the blue “Aircoach” busses. There is a small booth where tickets can be purchased (cash or card). Tickets to the airport can be purchased on the bus from the driver. Tickets can also be purchased online at
  • Taxis: Taxis are available at the Airport. Follow signs for ground transportation. Fares to UCD and all ITiCSE hotels are around €35-40 depending on traffic and time of day. Taxis can be paid for with cash or card. Tips are optional and typically a few euro. Some people round up to the nearest €5 increment provided that leaves a few euro for the driver. €5 would he a handsome tip. Many Irish taxis are on the FREE NOW app: All Irish taxis have a common livery that comes with their license that includes door decals. All taxis must also have a roof sign displaying their license number. At night, available taxis have the light illuminated. Taxis can be hailed on the roadside by waving them down. At some busy locations there are taxi ranks where taxis will queue up. Near ranks, taxis won’t stop for you if you try to hail them. You must either join the queue or walk up to the first taxi in the rank queue.

When here you can get around on most public transport by using the Visitor Leap Card ( This can be bought at the airport however you cannot use it on the Aircoach.