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Arrival, Reception, Registration, Transport & Maps


Also read the FAQs. See Getting Around for directions and options from Dublin Airport.

For those checking in to UCD accommodation, see

All ITiCSE activities other than the reception, excursion, and banquet, will take place at University College Dublin. Transport to the reception, excursion, and banquet will be provided from, and returning to, UCD – details below.

UCD Estates has an interactive map as well as PDFs available here:

All sessions, registration, and coffee/lunch breaks will take place in one of two buildings: the O’Brien Centre for Science, and the Computer Science Building. Refer to this map ( to reference building numbers noted below.

  • Registration / Help Desk, Posters, Lunch/Coffee (Mon-Wed): Building 67 (O’Brien Centre for Science East, ground floor near bottom of big spiral staircase)
  • All plenary sessions and some parallel sessions (ICON Elan and Lynch Theatres): Building 64 (O’Brien Centre for Science Hub)
  • Some parallel sessions, Working Groups, and Doctoral Consortium (including WG and DC lunch and coffee Fri-Sun): Building 18 (Computer Science Building)
  • All buses (reception Sunday and excursion/banquet Tuesday) will depart the O’Reilly Car Park (adjacent to building 45 – O’Reilly Hall) – specifically, the corner of the car park between Buildings 45 (O’Reilly Hall) and 77 (Veterinary).

The map below (click for larger version) has the above buildings highlighted, including the exact location for bus pickup/dropoff marked.

Reception (and transport) – Sunday July 10

The 2022 ITiCSE reception will take place on Sunday the 10th of July from 8 to 10pm. This is included in your registration (even if you did not select the banquet). However, to ensure we could provide transportation and to accommodate an accurate number of attendees, we required registration for the reception by June 20. If you did not register for the reception, you can still attend, provided there are seats on the bus!

The reception will take place in TU Dublin at the Grangegorman campus in the central quad:

Buses for those who registered for the reception will leave UCD starting from 7pm, in the O’Reilly Car Park (the closest car park to the ITiCSE buildings (See map and text above). Buses will return here, departing the reception at 10pm to arrive around 10.30. You can also travel to the reception on your own transport. Link to the TU Dublin Campus for directions: Also see Getting Around.

Registration – Monday July 11

Please note that Working Group and Doctoral Consortium members will be registered in their rooms (WG Friday and DC Saturday).

All others will register Monday morning from 7.15-8.45am in the O’Brien Centre for Science (East) at the bottom of the large spiral staircase (see above text and map).

The registration desk will remain open Mon-Wed and will also serve as a help desk.

Excursion and Banquet Transport

All buses will depart and return to the O’Reilly Car Park (see text and map above).

  • For those attending the Excursion only OR the Excursion and Banquet, buses will depart at 2pm on Tuesday. Please note that for those attending both, buses will go straight from the excursion to the banquet – it is not possible to stop back to hotels in between. Dress for the weather on the day and wear comfortable shoes! Even if it is warm during the day it can get chilly at night. The excursion is outdoors and although the banquet is indoors, you will be outside a little!
  • For those attending the Banquet only, the (single) bus – so don’t miss it – will depart at 5.30pm on Tuesday. See above for advice on what to wear!

Also read the FAQs related to these topics.