The review of ‘short submissions’ (poster submissions and tips, techniques, and courseware submissions) follows a process similar to that for paper reviews, but on a different timeline. Reviewers of short submissions are asked to provide high-quality reviews for submissions to provide authors with feedback so that they may improve their work for presentation or future submission.

Each short submission will receive three reviews. All reviews are submitted through EasyChair, where reviewers will be considered ‘PC members’ of the poster track or the TT&C track.

Short submissions are not anonymous for review.

There are no APCs for these tracks. The relevant track chairs will lead any discussion and will decide whether to accept or reject each submission.


The following dates describe the timeline for short submission reviewing for ITiCSE 2020. Please consider your workload around these dates before accepting an invitation to review these submissions. We are aware that the reviewing period begins during the SIGCSE Technical Symposium; but it runs for two weeks, so reviewers who attend the symposium should have time for their reviewing following their return.

ActivityStart dateEnd date
(Anywhere on Earth, UTC-12)
ReviewingWed 11 MarchWed 25 March
DiscussionThu 26 MarchSat 28 March


Before reviewing a short submission, please note its authors and decide whether you are able to review it impartially. Please do this in a timely manner so we can resolve any conflicts early in the reviewing period.

As a reviewer, we ask that you carefully read each submission assigned to you and write a constructive review that includes a concise summary of what you believe the submission to be about. When reviewing a submission, consider:

  • The strengths and weaknesses,
  • The contribution to an outstanding ITiCSE 2020 program and experience for attendees, and
  • How it brings new ideas or extends current ideas through replication to the field and practitioners and researchers of computing education.

Please do not include your suggestion for acceptance or rejection of submission in the text part of your review. Instead, use the provided radio buttons to make a recommendation based on your summary review. As a reviewer, you will only see a few of the submissions, and your recommendation might be overridden by the track chairs as they work to put together a broad and comprehensive set of posters or TT&C presentations for the conference.


The discussion period provides the opportunity for the track chairs to discuss reviews and feedback so that they can make the best accept/reject decisions. We ask that reviewers engage in discussion when prompted by other reviewers or the track chairs, by using the Comments feature of EasyChair (below all the reviews for a submission). During this period you will be able to revise your review based on the discussion, but you are not required to do so.

The track chairs will make a final decision based on your feedback and their own overview of all the submissions in the track.