Best paper award

This year, the program chairs selected three paper submissions as “best paper candidates”. The selection was based on the scores of the peer review, the personal impression of the program chairs regarding the quality and potential impact of the paper, and the number of “best paper nominations” by the reviewers.

The best paper candidates are indicated in the program and are as follows (ordered by title):

  • Veronica Catete and Tiffany Barnes. Application of the Delphi Method in Computer Science Principles Rubric Creation (session 4B)
  • Allison Scott, Alexis Martin, Frieda McAlear and Sonia Koshy. Broadening Participation in Computing: Examining Experiences of Girls of Color (session 7A)
  • Michael Scott and Gheorghita Ghinea. On the Impact of Lecture Recording Reduction: Evidence from a Randomised Trial (session 7C)

The best paper award will be presented at the conference closing session. We encourage you to the attend the respective sessions and form your own opinion!