ITiCSE 2017 program committee

Conference chairs: Renzo Davoli (Italy), Mikey Goldweber (USA)
Program chairs: Guido Rößling (Germany), Irene Polycarpou (Cyprus)
Treasurer / registrar: Cary Laxer (USA)
Working groups: Ari Korhonen (Finland), Judy Sheard (Australia)
Proceedings: Stan Kurkovsky (USA)
Tips, techniques, and courseware: Judith Gal-Ezer (Israel)
Posters and panels: Jacqueline Whalley (New Zealand), Panayiotis Andreou (Cyprus)
Database coordinator: Simon (Australia)
Webmaster: Simon (Australia)
Evaluations: Bruce Scharlau (UK)
Reviewers and APCs: See separate page