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Travel within Bologna

Arriving by plane

Guglielmo Marconi international Airport is 7km from downtown and is connected to the most important European destinations and hubs.

A shuttle bus named AeroBUS connects the airport and the town: . The fare is 6 euro per person.

A taxi from the airport to downtown typically costs about 17-20 euro. The two radio taxi companies operating in Bologna are CoTaBo and CAT

Arriving by train

Bologna Centrale railway station is very close to the city center, just 15 minutes walk from Piazza Maggiore.

The new Bologna AV (Alta Velocità, high speed) station is in exactly the same place as Bologna Centrale, just 22 meters below it.

From Bologna it is possible to reach all the most important Italian towns using fast trains. For example:

  • Florence 40 minutes
  • Rome 2 hours
  • Milan 1 hour
  • Venice 1.5 hours
  • Verona 55 minutes

Travel within Bologna

All the events related to ITiCSE will be in the downtown area, and can be reached on foot in 15-20 minutes.

Bologna downtown has a lot of porticos (arches), which can help protect pedestrians from sun and rain. There are 40km of porticos within the medieval city walls. Some examples: 

Bologna has a very efficient bus service. The web site of the bus company (in Italian only) is

Bus tickets can be purchased in advance at news stands and tobacco shops. The price is 1.30 per ticket or 12.00 for the 10-trip pack called City Pass. Tickets are valid for 75 minutes. When changing buses the same ticket must be validated again, but if it still valid it registers as a continuation trip.

A City Pass can be used by several people traveling together, validating it once for each person.

Bus tickets can also be purchased on the bus for 1.50 euro. The ticketing machine gives no change, so check in advance that you have coins to pay the exact fare. The ticketing machine is red, and the validating machine is yellow.