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The ITICSE 2023 conference will be held on the main campus of the University of Turku, at Vesilinnantie 5. The registration desk is located at the main entrance of the Natura building, while the lunch restaurant is located in the adjacent Agora building. The lecture halls are located along the corridor between the two. See the map below for a more detailed description of the premises.


You can access the university site through the stairs of Koskenniemenkatu or Hämeenkatu. If you use Google Maps as a navigator, it is best to put ‘Natura’ as the destination point. The shortest accessible route without stairs is through Vesilinnantie. See the map below for more details.

The nearest bus stop is on Hämeenkatu. The name of the bus stop is ‘Yliopisto (TYKS U-sairaala)’ or ‘University (TYKS U-hospital)’ in English. You can see the bus stop on the map below. If you arrive with a car, you should arrive through Vesilinnantie.

Registration desk & Info

If you are a member of a working group or the doctoral consortium, you register directly to your working group or doctoral consortium chairs.

Other participants register at the registration desk in the main hall of the Natura building. The registration desk opens on Monday at 7.30 a.m. The registration desk also functions as the general information desk during the conference.


The doors to the Agora building are open from 7:30 am to 6 pm. You can find the entrances on the map above. You can enter Natura through the Agora doors as well.

Toilet facilities

There are lavatories on the first floor of the Natura building near the information desk, and on the second floor in the hall. The bathrooms in the Agora building are located on the basement floor. All toilet facilities have a gender-neutral and accessible option. All lavatories can be reached with the stairs or the elevator.

Lunch and coffee breaks

Lunch is served daily from 12:30 to 14:00 in the restaurant on the first floor of Agora. On breaks, coffee is served in the restaurant and in the main hall of the Natura building near the registration desk.

Quiet spaces

There are break areas near lecture hall Koivu XXI (see the indoor map) on the first floor of the Agora building and on the second floor of the Natura building near lecture hall Ahven X. If you are in need of a more quiet workspace, you can also go to the Feeniks library next to Natura building, right behind the fountain. (Opening hours Mon-Thu 9-20, Fri 9-18, Sat 10-16, Sun 12-16)

Storage of personal belongings

We recommend you use your hotel to store your personal belongings since there are no guarded cloakrooms or storage spaces at the university. If, however, you have to carry your luggage with you on the last day of the conference, you may leave them at the information desk.

Internet connection

To access the internet during the conference, you can either use Eduroam that works with your university username information or the wireless visitor network UTU Visitor.

Eduroam is a worldwide roaming access service developed for the international research and education community. If your organization is a member of Eduroam and you have connected Eduroam to your device, you will be able to access the network.

To use the UTU Visitor network, select it from the wireless networks displayed on your computer. Then open a browser that will take you to the registration page. In case your browser is not redirecting to the portal, search in your browser.

On the registration page, enter a name, email address (to which the credentials will be sent) and accept the terms of the network. After this, you will be automatically logged in and redirected to the Guide service.

Please note that only normal browser traffic, tunnelling protocols, and secure email traffic are allowed on the UTU Visitor network.

Codes are valid for 8h and work with up to two devices with one account.

Message Wall

During the conference, you can use our digital message wall to communicate! It is located in the main hall of Natura. To send a message to the wall or read the contents of it on your mobile phone, go to viestiseinä.fi/utu on your browser. The message wall is moderated, so please sign your messages with your full name.

University Products

University products are sold by UTUshop, but unfortunately they are on holiday in July. If you wish to purchase Turku university products, you can either:

  • Make and pay an order in their online shop. Select Turku university main building as the pick-up location. You will receive a notification that your order will be processed after the holiday season but no need to worry! You can talk with the facilities management officer and show the order confirmation on your phone. The officer will give you the order.
  • Buy the products from the information desk at the main building. You can only pay with cash there! Please notice that they may not be able to offer a receipt from cash payments.


There are no special safety restrictions or protocols in place during the conference. However, as per usual, you should look after your health and (hand) hygiene. In case of an illness, please avoid infecting other participants. We provide hand sanitiser in all rooms and if you need a face mask, you may ask for one at the registration desk.

It is recommended you bring your own water bottle to the conference as the days can get quite long. Tap water in Finland is drinkable so you may fill up your bottle in the lavatories. There is also a vending machine where you can buy drinks in Natura.

If you need help with moving from one place to another, please do not hesitate to contact our staff or volunteers on site. We are happy to help. It is recommended you notify possible special needs in advance via the registration form so that we can consider them beforehand.

There is a defibrillator in the hall of Natura near the registration desk. We have first aid kits e.g., in the restaurant in Agora. Other safety instructions are explained in the beginning of the conference.

The general emergency number in Finland is 112. You do not need to use area nor land codes with the general emergency number.

Please note that a safe space also entails social aspects, so be considerate and respectful of others. If you witness any inappropriate behaviour, please notify the conference staff as soon as possible. For more information, visit our homepage under the Code of Conduct section here.