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Excursion and Banquet

Tuesday 11 July

The excursion and banquet will be organised on Tuesday. The banquet is included in the full conference rate, but you must purchase a separate ticket to join the excursion. If you have already registered for the conference but forgot to purchase a ticket for the excursion, you can do so by returning to the form via the link provided in the confirmation message.

Transport Information

Bring your badges – they are your tickets! You must have enough “E’s” on your badge to cover you and any guests to go to the excursion. Similarly, you must have enough “B’s” on your badge to cover you and any guests for the banquet.

The excursion will start from the University Square next to the fountain at 2 pm. First, we will attend a guided walking tour that will take us to the city centre. If you wish to visit your hotel after lunch instead of the walk, you can join the rest of the group at Kirjastosilta (Läntinen Rantakatu 5) at 2:45 pm.

Banquet: If you are not attending the excursion, a bus ride to the restaurant will be provided from the following hotels. The buses will depart from the front of the hotel.

After the banquet, a bus that leads to the city centre, Holiday Club Caribia, and Sokos Hotel Kupittaa will leave from Turku Castle at 10 pm. If you are staying in Hotel Rikala in Salo, please inform the organisers when you arrive at the conference so transport after dinner can be organised for you.

N.B. In case you miss the organised transport, buses 1 and 1B will take you to the castle. Your conference pass can be used as a ticket on the bus.

Excursion 14:00

Old Turku and Turku Castle

The excursion will start with a guided walking tour to the city centre. During the tour, we will learn more about the old city centre. Alongside the Aura’s edge, we will embark on a tour to our destination. The tour will last approximately one hour, following which we will take a brief stroll to reach the Turku Castle. Finally, we will have a guided tour of the Castle.

What to wear for the excursion? Some streets on the walk are made of cobblestone and the route includes a few stairs so please wear shoes that are comfortable. The route itself is not that long and we will try to offer an unobstructed alternative when possible.

In July the weather is generally sunny but not scorching hot. There is always the possibility of rain so make sure to check the weather report and prepare accordingly by bringing a jacket or umbrella if necessary. For the evening, it is recommended to bring something long-sleeved to wear.

Banquet 18:00

16th Century Feast

The Conference dinner is organised in Turku Castle. The dinner will have a renaissance theme and you might even spot some “royal” guests! Even though the theme is festive, the most important thing is that we all enjoy each others’ company, so don’t worry about the etiquette.

We hope to offer everyone a chance to enjoy the festivities. If you have any diet restrictions or need an accessible route on the excursion or during the banquet, please include this information on the registration form. This way we can make the necessary arrangements and make sure everyone can enjoy themselves.