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The Conference on Innovation and Technology in Computer Science Education (ITiCSE) has been held annually since 1996. Formed as the second conference sponsored by the ACM Special Interest Group for Computing Education (ACM SIGCSE), ITiCSE has been held in or around Europe for most of its history. After an experimental conference in South America in 2016 that ultimately resulted in the creation of the ACM Global Computing Education Conference, the ACM SIGCSE Board committed to holding ITiCSE in Europe indefinitely. ACM SIGCSE partnered with ACM Europe Council and Informatics Europe (IE) in 2018 to raise the conference profile in the European informatics education community, agreeing to form a joint steering committee for the conference. Much more about ITiCSE governance is found on the governance page.

During its history, ITiCSE has had an impact both within and beyond Europe. Working groups and conference-sponsored excursions were developed at ITiCSE, and their popularity has resulted in other ACM SIGCSE conferences adopting similar events. The desire to host a conference like ITiCSE in other locations around the globe inspired the creation of the fourth ACM SIGCSE conference, the ACM Global Computing Education Conference.

Since 2019, a doctoral consortium (DC) has been offered at the conference. Originally a pilot supported by the Scottish Informatics & Computer Science Alliance, the DC proved popular in the community. In 2021, the ACM SIGCSE Board approved the indefinite co-location of a DC at ITiCSE, with support provided jointly by ACM SIGCSE and ACM Europe Council. While the DC was held virtually in 2020 and 2021 due to the global pandemic, the DC is back in person since 2022.

Below is a list of all ITiCSE conferences and the Best Paper Award winners (the ITiCSE Best Paper Award was installed in 2014).

See also the website with historic information about all ACM SIGCSE conferences (SIGCSE TS, ITiCSE, ICER, CompEd and more).

Last, but certainly not least, see The History of the ITiCSE Bell.

ConferencesBest Paper Award winners
29. ITiCSE 2024: Milan, ItalyTBD
28. ITiCSE 2023: Turku, FinlandCyril Brom, Anna Drobná, Tereza Hannemann, Kristina Volná, Kateřina Kačerovská and Pavel Ježek
27. ITiCSE 2022: Dublin, IrelandBriana Bettin, Linda Ott and Julia Hiebel
26. ITiCSE 2021: Paderborn, GermanyEmily Winter, Lisa Thomas and Lynne Blair
25. ITiCSE 2020: Trondheim, NorwayKirsten Mork, John Wilcox and Zoë Wood
24. ITiCSE 2019: Aberdeen, ScotlandQuintin Cutts, Matthew Barr, Mireilla Bikanga Ada, Peter Donaldson, Steve Draper, Jack Parkinson, Jeremy Singer and Lovisa Sundin
23. ITiCSE 2018: Larnaca, CyprusAli Erkan
22. ITiCSE 2017: Bologna, ItalyAllison Scott, Alexis Martin, Frieda McAlear and Sonia Koshy
21. ITiCSE 2016: Arequipa, PeruSuzanne Dazo, Nicholas Stepanek, Robert Fulkerson and Brian Dorn
20. ITiCSE 2015: Vilnius, LithuaniaDavid Insa and Josep Silva
19. ITiCSE 2014: Uppsalsa, SwedenChristopher Watson and Frederick W.B. Li
18. ITiCSE 2013: Canterbury, England
17. ITiCSE 2012: Haifa, Israel
16. ITiCSE 2011: Darmstadt, Germany
15. ITiCSE 2010: Ankara, Turkey
14. ITiCSE 2009: Paris, France
13. ITiCSE 2008: Madrid, Spain
12. ITiCSE 2007: Dundee, Scotland
11. ITiCSE 2006: Bologna, Italy
10. ITiCSE 2005: Lisbon, Portugal
9. ITiCSE 2004: Leeds, England
8. ITiCSE 2003: Thessaloniki, Greece
7. ITiCSE 2002: Aarhus Denmark
6. ITiCSE 2001: Canterbury, England
5. ITiCSE 2000: Helsinki, Finland
4. ITiCSE 1999: Krakow, Poland
3. ITiCSE 1998: Dublin, Ireland
2. ITiCSE 1997: Uppsala, Sweden
1. ITiCSE 1996: Barcelona, Spain
Working Groups