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Call for posters

This page provides detailed information about poster submissions to the ITiCSE 2023 conference. It is part of the general Call for Participation which you should read first, if you have not yet done so.

If you have questions that neither this page nor the Call for Participation can answer, please contact the poster chairs.

Poster presentation

ITiCSE poster sessions provide an opportunity to share computing education ideas in a less formal setting than a paper presentation.

A poster is a single-page document, typically combining text and images, that embodies a succinct description of work that has been done. Presenting a poster is a good way to discuss and receive feedback on a work in progress that has not been fully developed into a paper.

Posters should not re-present previously published work.

Poster proposal review is not anonymous.

ITiCSE 2023 will be held face to face and all presenters will be required to present their poster in person during a dedicated time slot. More information will be made available in due course.

By SIGCSE Organization policy, at least one author is required to register, attend and present the poster. See our full policy for more information.

Poster topic ideas

The topic of a poster presentation is not limited. However, the topic should lend itself to presentation in poster format, possibly with additional details available in the form of web references. You might consider a poster presentation of teaching materials that you would like to share, or preliminary research findings. Examples might include

  • imaginative assignments
  • innovative curriculum design
  • laboratory materials
  • effective ideas for recruiting and retaining students
  • computing education research that is in a preliminary stage

Suggestions for poster design are given in Research Posters 101. Although these suggestions were published for student researchers, the ideas are also applicable to posters for this conference.

Formatting the poster proposal

A poster proposal is a single page, in PDF format, explaining what the poster is about. The proposal is used for the review process, and, if the proposal is accepted, for publication in the ITiCSE proceedings. The one-page proposal must adhere to ACM’s publication guidelines. For more detail, see Formatting requirements on the Call for Participation page.

Poster proposal contents

A poster proposal will typically include the following information.

  • Title: a title for the poster.
  • Proposer: include name, affiliation, and email address. Correspondence related to the conference will be sent by email. Please check your spam filter if you haven’t received an expected notification because the bulk emails generated by the conference software are sometimes blocked.
  • Abstract: a description of the poster. The same abstract will also need to be copied into a text box on the submission page. Please be sure that your description is accurate and that both submitted copies (in the PDF poster proposal and in the submission text box) are exactly the same.
  • Content: A description of the expected content of the poster, along with an indication of why the topic is significant: why conference attendees will find it interesting.

Important dates for posters

Important dates can be found in the sidebar on the right.

Submitting a poster proposal

Write your submission using the format specified above.

Convert your paper into Adobe PDF format.

Follow the instructions on Submission process at the foot of the Call for Participation page.


If you have questions about anything discussed above, please contact the poster chairs.