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I am interested in hosting ITiCSE or serving as a program co-chair. What do I need to know?

The responsibility of overseeing the selection of the program (program chair) and of overseeing the running of the conference at a particular venue (conference chair) are held by different individuals.

Both roles normally require a two-year commitment. For the program chair, the first year will be an appointment as junior program co-chair, and the second year as senior program co-chair. The conference is normally hosted at the main conference co-chair’s home institution.

The criteria for appointees are:

Program Chair:

  • Prior attendance at ITiCSE conferences.
  • Prior publication at a SIGCSE sponsored conference.
  • Past service on an ITiCSE Program Committee as reviewer or Associate Program Chair (APC).
  • Strong publication record in computing education.
  • Collaborative and organisational skills sufficient to work on the conference committee and to share oversight of the program selection process.

Conference Chair:

  • Prior attendance at multiple ITiCSE conferences.
  • Holds a permanent appointment at a European university that has the capacity to host the conference (meeting spaces, lunch facilities, break space, etc.) and has potential to meet site selection requirements (e.g., travel connectivity, accommodation availability).
  • Collaborative and organisational skills sufficient to work on the conference committee and to oversee the conference.

To nominate yourself or another individual, please include the individual’s CV and a cover letter explaining how the individual meets the criteria for the role. Self-nominations are strongly encouraged. Please send nominations to the ITiCSE steering committee

Informal expressions of interest are also welcome. Such inquiries will trigger a dialogue with an ITiCSE Steering Committee member who will help with an understanding of the nature and breadth of the obligation and whether a formal nomination is appropriate.

Nominations should be submitted no less than three years in advance of the planned conference date.

I have attended ITiCSE before and I would like to become more involved in the conference, although I am not yet ready for a major conference role. What do I need to do?

If you are not already a SIGCSE member, please consider becoming one. SIGCSE members have access to several mailing lists, one of which advertises for volunteers for the organisation and its conferences. The ITiCSE steering committee annually sends a request for expressions of interest in volunteering to the SIGCSE mailing lists. Volunteer for one of these roles to become involved.

If you have missed the call for volunteers, feel free to reach out to the ITiCSE steering committee Please indicate which conference roles you would be interested in considering. The following are the possible conference roles:

  • Conference co-chair
  • Program co-chair
  • Registrar
  • Working group co-chair
  • Panels chair
  • Tips, techniques, and courseware chair
  • Posters chair
  • Doctoral consortium co-chair
  • Proceedings chair
  • Virtual conference and community coordinator
  • Supporter liaison