About Larnaca

Larnaca is where East meets West, one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities of the world and a fascinating blend of the many civilisations that shaped its history. The quiet sea front city of Larnaca, situated on the southeast coast of Cyprus, is a perfect starting point from which to explore Cyprus and especially the region with its endless possibilities close by. Villages offering agrotourism, beautiful beaches, sports and recreation options, cultural events, religious tourism and authentic Cyprus taverns are just some of the choices in and around town.

Larnaca, founded in the 14th century BC by Mycenaean Greeks, encloses an uninterrupted history of centuries. During antiquity, it had been an important commercial center of copper while it was later used as a fort by the Phoenicians. The modern city is built on the ruins of the ancient city of Kition, between the two largest cities in unoccupied Cyprus, Nicosia and Limassol.

The city is named by the Greek word "larnax", which means sarcophagus, since many of them were brought to light by regional excavations. Apart from Larnaca, the city is also colloquially called "Skala"; it comes from the Greek word "ladder" and refers to the historic port of the city. It is not by chance that during 17th century it became the commercial and consular center of Cyprus thanks to the booming trading activity of the port.

Larnaca carries on a long heritage that emerges through the archaeological monuments, churches and other landmarks. At the same time, the region is famous for its beaches, which are in line with the European standards, as well as its cafes, restaurants and bars that are full of life, especially during summer. One of the must visits in Larnaca is Foinikoudes (15km from the venue), which is considered to be the prime tourist attraction of Larnaca. Whilst it is rich in ancient culture, Larnaka is also a thriving and modern European city that offers the best of all worlds.

Larnaca is considered as a hub for the island as it is served by the country's main international airport and it is within short distance from are all the other major cities in Cyprus, Nicosia-capital (45 minutes), Limassol (1 hour), Famagusta (45 minutes), and Paphos (1.5 hours), and Troodos region (1.5 hours).

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