Submission guidelines

Original submissions related to the conference are invited for the following categories: papers; working groups; panels; tips, techniques and courseware; and faculty and student posters.

General guidelines

Documents proposed for conference presentation should be high quality, unpublished, original work and submitted online. The official language of the conference is English. The entire proceedings will be available in the ACM Digital Library.

Pages and deadlines for submissions are limited by the category of submission. Note that reviewers will assume they are reviewing completed works, as they will eventually appear in the conference proceedings. Do not submit incomplete drafts.

All page limits are inclusive of all content, including reference lists and appendixes.

Submission Category Page Limit Submission deadline 23:59 Anywhere On Earth (UTC-12)
Abstract for paper 250 words 15 January 2018
Paper 6 22 January 2018
Working group 2 22 January 2018
Panel 2 16 March 2018
Tips, techniques and courseware 2 16 March 2018
Poster 1 16 March 2018

This year ITiCSE 2018 requires the submission of an abstract a week before the submission of full papers.


Since last year, ITiCSE matches reviewers with submissions using a bidding system, in which reviewers see a paper's title and abstract, but not the paper itself. Because the papers are not required for this process, we permit authors to continue work on their papers while the bidding is taking place. We therefore require paper titles and abstracts by the first deadline (15 January 2018), and the papers themselves a week later (22 January 2018).

The abstract can be up to 250 words long, and must be submitted by the first deadline, so that reviewers can bid to review it. New submissions will therefore not be accepted after the first deadline.

There is no formatting requirement for the initial abstract submission: you will simply enter the author details, title, and abstract into text fields.


Submitted papers will be sent for review if

(a) the abstract was received by 15 January 2018, and

(b) the full anonymous pdf paper was added to the submission by 22 January 2018.

Authors of papers must submit an anonymous version with all references to the authors removed (including authors names and affiliations plus identifying information within the body of the paper such as websites or related publications). After a paper is accepted, authors will be asked to submit a camera-ready version which includes all the author details and identifying information.

Other Submission Types

Authors of all other submission types are required to submit a version which includes authors' names etc.

A submission for a working group is required to be in the same template as paper submissions, but this is for convenience, not because it will appear in the conference proceedings. The essential components of a working group submission are the title, the names and affiliations of the leaders, and a description (maximum 250 words long), of the group's goal and its approach to achieving that goal. The remainder of the text can be used to indicate the background of the WG proposers/leaders, for example past experience in the Working Group topic area (projects, references, etc.). If a working group is provisionally accepted, those details will be displayed on this website to recruit interested members to the group.

A submission for a panel will normally be a succinct summary of the different perspectives of the proposed participants, in a form suitable for inclusion in the proceedings.

A submission for tips, techniques, and courseware will be a summary description of the tip, technique, or courseware to be demonstrated in the conference session. It will be in a form suitable for inclusion in the proceedings.

A submission for a poster will be a one-page paper. It is expected that this will include title, authorship, abstract and keywords, with the rest of the page consisting of an extended abstract. The format for this will vary from poster to poster, but it is expected to describe the main topic of the poster.

Electronic submission is required. All submissions should be in Portable Document Format (PDF). To submit your work, visit the online submission. There you will find a submission form that requires you to enter the type, title, and abstract of your submission, plus author contact information.

All submissions must adhere to the ITiCSE 2018 formatting instructions. Templates for submissions can be found at the ACM SIG Proceedings website.