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Presenter and Attendee Information

Presenter and Attendee Information

ITiCSE 2021 will be a digital-only conference. This means instead of having to find rooms at a conference venue and having to hunt for the next cup of coffee during a coffee break, you now have to take care about digital platforms and virtual social sessions.

At this point in time, not every aspect of the conference program and not every procedural detail has been decided upon. This page therefore reflects the current state of planning. Please consult this page again closer to the conference, as new information will be put here as soon as it becomes available. 

If you are not a presenter, you can jump directly to the Attendee Information.

Presenter Information

Session and presentation format

Live Stream: All presentations will be live-streamed. This means that at least one author must be registered to the conference and must be available during the time allotted to the respective presentation. Please read our remarks regarding the conference platform in the attendee information below.

Asynchronous Communication: As discussion time during the sessions is sparse and not everyone can attend every session, authors are requested to be available during the conference to provide feedback for their conference papers via the discussion forums. These discussion forums are provided by the conference platform. Please read our remarks regarding the conference platform (link will follow later) in the attendee information below.

Session organisation: At the start of each session, all session attendees will enter a Zoom room. The session chair will ask the first presenter to share their screen and video, and then after a short introduction, the first presentation will begin. For a more detailed explanation of the steps necessary when joining as a presenter, see below. The same process will repeat for all presentations.

Q&A discussion: At the end of each presentation, the remaining time will be used for questions and answers. Typically, participants will write down their questions using the chat functionality. The session chairs will then pick questions and read them out. The answers are provided verbally. Each paper presentation will therefore consist of 12 minutes for presentation and at least 5 minutes for questions and answers, to enable discussion and participant engagement.

Joining a session as a presenter

Join early: All conference sessions are open at least 20 minutes before their start time for presenters and session chairs. As a presenter, you are expected to enter at least 15 minutes before the session starts to gain the necessary presentation rights, test your microphone, camera and screen sharing setup, to ensure that sessions will run smoothly.

Zoom URLs: Join the session using the same link as the attendees do. The session chair or a “digital caretaker” will find you and grant you the rights to turn on your microphone and camera and to share your screen. In case you want a co-author (who is also registered for ITiCSE 2021) to be a co-presenter or participate in the Q&A session, please inform the session chair before the session starts. Co-authors who are not registered to the conference cannot participate.

Attendee Information

Conference platforms

Conference Platform: Before the conference, we will provide you with login credentials to the ITiCSE 2021 internal conference platform (link will follow latewr), which will be based on the Moodle learning management system ( To access attendee information on the Moodle space, you just login using the email you used during registration. There is no need to download any additional software. The platform will be our main hub, giving you access to the detailed conference program, the proceedings PDF and providing links to live sessions and asynchronous means of communication among authors and other participants. The conference platform will remain online for several weeks after the conference.

Zoom: Live sessions will use Zoom. Creating a personal Zoom account is not necessary. While there is a browser-based Zoom client, we strongly recommend using the dedicated Zoom app. If you do not have installed that Zoom app already, please visit and download the software for your operating system or mobile platform. Please make sure to start the software at least once before the conference, and start Zoom again shortly before the conference to check for updates. This will save time during the actual conference.

Conference program

Tracks: The conference program is structured into four parallel tracks with sessions with three presentations each, moderated by a session chair.

Timetable: The timetable for the conference is still being worked out. Our core time for the sessions will be 13:00 UTC to 18:00 UTC on all four conference days. You are also invited to join us in social activities and community building before and after this core time.

Length: Due to timing issues, each paper presentation has been limited to a maximum of 12 minutes which will be followed by up to 5 minutes of live discussions plus some moments for switching between presentations. In addition to live discussions, at least one author of each paper will be available for asynchronous communication during the conference (e.g., participate in the forums, respond to personal messages).

Q&A: After the presentations, there will be time for questions and answers. In order to minimize delays, we recommend you use the chat or Q&A features of the Zoom client to ask your questions, which you can do even while an ongoing presentation. If time allows, session chairs might also allow you to ask your question verbally. 

Recordings: For the sake of simplicity, all sessions will be recorded. Recordings of those authors who gave their respective consent to do so will be made available to the registered conference participants. If you do not want to be recorded in the first place, please indicate so to the session chair before the session starts. Recordings can only be made available after the conference. Therefore, if you cannot attend a session you are interested in, we encourage you to read the respective papers and get in contact with the authors using our Moodle forums or via private message. (Conference recordings will not be made public by the ITiCSE 2021 organizing committee. However, if you want to publish the recording of your presentation, you are free to do so after the conference. In this case, please include a notice referencing to ITiCSE 2021.)

Proceedings: As a registered participant, you will receive a link to download a free copy of the ITiCSE 2021 proceedings as soon as they become available.  

Joining sessions

Zoom Links: Zoom links to the conference sessions (including opening/closing and announcement sessions) will be made available as part of the conference program on the internal conference platform.

Audio/Video: If you are not a presenter in a given session, your microphone and camera will be turned off, and you will not be able to turn them on. This setting was chosen to save bandwidth and to avoid echoes and other feedback noises. If time allows and a sessions chair decides to do so, audio could be activated for selected attendees to ask questions. In this case make sure your microphone is working properly and you are in an environment without unnecessary background noise.


Poster sessions: There will be a Zoom session for posters in which every poster will have its specific breakout room. Participants will be free to move in and out of these at any time. In addition, there will be a 30 sec pre-recorded lightning talk available on Moodle along with the poster pdf and the link to the proceedings.

TT&C: TT&C presentations will be live-streamed as well. This means that at least one author must be registered to the conference and must be available during the time allotted to the respective presentation. Each presentation is limited to a maximum of 15 minutes including live discussions. In addition, at least one author of each paper will be available for asynchronous communication during the conference (e.g., participate in the forums, respond to personal messages).

Social interactions

A conference is of course more than just papers, posters and presentations. We are working on a number of social activities including a visit of the Heinz Nixdorf MuseumsForum, the world’s largest computer museum. There will be more on this at a later time!

Social Space: Besides the Zoom sessions for the main conference tracks, there will be a virtual space on ohyay, open throughout the conference, on which you can meet with other conference attendees to speak about the conference or just for the occasional chat or social activity. This session will not be recorded or moderated, and everyone will be able to use video/audio and share their screens.