Conference Timeline

Conference deadlines

Sun 20 January 2019:  Submission deadline for Abstracts for Papers and Working Groups
Sun 27 January 2019:   Submission deadline for actual Papers and Working Groups

Mon 11 February 2019:   Announce Provisional Working Groups acceptance, Membership application opens

Mon 11 March 2019:   Notification of accepted Papers
Sun 17 March 2019:  Submission deadline for Posters, Panels, Tips, Techniques & Courseware
Sun 17 March 2019:   Submission deadline for application for Doctoral Consortium
Sun 31 March 2019:   Working Group membership applications close

Thu 4 [updated] April 2019: Announcement of running Working Groups
Sun 7 April 2019:  Camera-ready for accepted Papers
Wed 10 [updated] Apr 2019:   Notification of accepted Posters, Panels, Tips, Techniques & Courseware
Wed 10 [updated] April 2019:  Notification of Doctoral Consortium acceptance
Sun 28 April 2019:  Camera-ready for accepted Panels, Working Groups, Posters and Tips, Techniques, & Courseware
Sun 28 April 2019:  Camera-ready for Doctoral Consortium

Sun 12 26 [updated] May 2019:  Registration due for at least one author of each accepted submission
Sun 12 26 [updated] May 2019:  Final Day for early registration

Sun 9 June 2019:  Final day for Ordinary Online registration; We also have a category of “Late registration” for registration after this time.

The conference will run from 12 to 17 July, 2019 as follows:

    • The working groups start the weekend before the main conference begin with an information session for working group leaders and members at 6pm on Friday 12 July.
    • The working groups and doctoral consortium will start their formal sessions at 9am on Saturday 13 July.
    • The opening reception for the conference will be held on the evening of Sunday 14 July.
    • The main conference starts at 8.30am on Monday 15 July.
  • The conference ends in the afternoon of Wednesday 17 July.